‘If you drink, don't drive. Don't even putt.’ - Dean Martin

Upcoming fixtures

No further events scheduled.

Past fixtures

June 2018
07:00 - 19:00
Tandridge GC

FAG's 2018 Summer Meeting Tandridge GC




Morning Singles: Individual stableford competition off full handicap.

White tees.

* Denotes guest

1ST Tee

8.45 D.Ward (10) D.Carter (4) C.Moody (8)

8.52 H.Perkins (6) R.Grayburn (10) J.Steed (21)

8.59 T.Paxton (15) P.Thompson (24) R.Casemore (19)

9.06 R.Wilson (13) R.Coury (17) M.Jones (19)

9.13 R.Stoakley (14) A.Villas* (16) R.Huglin (15)

9.20 A.O’Kelly (19) J.Rainbow (21) R.Caplan* (28)

10TH Tee

8.45 B.Young (4) G.Ball (7) M.Beveridge* (12)

8.52 A.Unitt (9) N.Mesquita (9) P.Alexander* (15)

8.59 R.Bailey (9) P.Wagstaff (15) G.Fox* (15)

9.06 C.Watters (7) J.Cardew (20) R.Romer-Lee (18)

9.13 W.Bolton (18) J.Rocchi (20) D.Russell (22)



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January 2018
18:00 - 20:00
Citywire HQ

FAG's 2018 AGM Citywire HQ

The FAG's AGM will once again take place at Citywire HQ, Lambeth.

Further details to follow.

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June 2017
14:18 - 14:18

2017 (1st) Summer Meeting Tandridge

Captain’s Report

Financial Advertising Golfing Society

Summer Meet

Tandridge Golf Club

29th June 2017


Please accept my apologies for the slightly delayed Captains report from our summer meet. It’s been a busy few weeks organising my golfing diary for the next month or so and there have to be some priorities!

It was the first time that the society had played Tandridge and most of us had never set eyes on it before. I must say I enjoyed it greatly. The greens were in great condition and the course was a very interesting layout, the back nine in particular. The elevation change was surprise with this being one of the hilliest courses I have played in Surrey. The back nine was agreed to be the stronger of the two with some very memorable holes. I feel that I managed to find every bunker on the course so I did come back in with a fair amount of sand to pour out of my shoes. One man who had no such problems was my partner Colin Moody. Colin was the model of consistency throughout and came in with a very fine 41 points which took second place presented by Citywire. He pipped Brad for second place at count back. Brad, you can’t win them all! However both were eclipsed by Alex Unitt who blistered around in 43 points. This was enough to secure first prize presented by the FT. The guest prize presented by Schroders was taken by Rob Bailey of AXA IM who had a respectable 33 points. I will ask George if the champagne has made its way to Rob yet……..

A serious appetite was worked up on the hills and all agreed the lunch would a real litmus test of the Tandridge setup. Ace this and they were to be reconsidered for the rota in 2018. Ace it they did. A fine lunch, up there with the best.

The afternoon was slightly sluggish for a number of us as the lunch and vino wore off. No doubt clambering those hills also took its toll. Greensomes were order of the afternoon and once again Alex Unitt was to the fore with Richard Casemore in support. Before you ask the handicap committee are sharpening their pencils……….
46 points took the first prize presented by The Economist. Daniel Barber and Gary Wheeler can feel a bit disappointed as 44 points would normally secure first prize. However they made do with second presented by Incisive Media.

We had one returning FAGS member (Nick Mesquita), one new member (Graham Rossiter) and two of the four guests (Kevin Sinclair and Andrew O’Kelly) who have become members since the Tandridge meeting so the Society continues to flourish.

I look forward to seeing a number of you at Walton Heath on the 3rd of August for our extra meet. I have it on good authority it is in superb condition and is playing hard and fast. The heather has an insatiable appetite for Titleists so please bring plenty of ammo! If I don’t see you there I look forward to the September meet at West Hill on the 21st of September. Jon will be doing the mailing towards the end of the month.



AM Singles
1st - Tandridge FT - Alex Unitt - 43 points
2nd - Tandridge Citywire - Colin Moody - 41 points

PM Greensomes
1st - Tandridge Incisive - Gary Wheeler - 44 points
1st - Tandridge Incisive - Daniel Barber - 44 points
1st - Tandridge The Economist - Alex Unitt - 46 points
1st - Tandridge The Economist - Richard Casemore - 46 points

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May 2017
06:00 - 12:00
Swinley Forest GC

2017 Spring Meeting Swinley Forest GC




Please find attached the pairings and joining instructions for next Thursday’s Spring meeting at Swinley. We have had a couple of cancellations over the last few days but as things stand our numbers are absolutely perfect with 42 playing the morning singles and 40 the afternoon greensomes so please don’t even think of withdrawing at this late stage. Roddy Hill and Will Bolton are the two men not playing in the afternoon but they will be joining us for lunch as will, I am delighted to say, David Hanger.

Can I again please urge all of you, and those bringing guests please stress this to them, to try and arrive in plenty of time. The clubhouse opens at 7.30am and coffee and bacon rolls will be immediately available. Most of you will probably have to use the M25 and I hope you’ll forgive me for repeating myself when I say “remember, it only moves when you are not on it!” Those of you going off the 10th also need to allow 10 minutes to drive out to the tee.

I’m not sure if the weather is likely to be warm enough for shorts but if you are brave enough they need to be tailored and worn either with single-colour knee length socks or short white sports socks that must cover the ankle. Although ties are optional at lunchtime jackets are required in the dining room and society ties will be needed in the lounge for the evening.

Mobile phones are not permitted either on the course (other than in a medical emergency) or in the clubhouse or terrace and should only be used in your cars or the carpark.

The club address is: Coronation Road, Ascot, SL5 9LE.

Please try not to have any problems on the Thursday morning but if you need to ring the club the numbers are 01344 295283 (Office) and 01344 295282 (Pro shop). Call pro shop to hire buggies or caddies.

Please use the pre-marked scorecards and each record a playing partner’s score. Cards containing all three scores will not be accepted.

Our thanks as always to our sponsors, who are generously providing the following prizes;

AM Singles

1st Prize – Ptarmigan
2nd Prize – Time Inc.

PM Stableford

1st Prize – Love Europe
2nd Prize – Financial News

Look forward to seeing you all in a week’s time.

Yours aye


Morning Singles. Stableford competition off full handicap.

Yellow tees.


8.00 H.Perkins (5) B.Young (4) D.Ward (11)

8.08 J.Steed (20) I.Prickett (7) D.Carter (4)

8.16 J.Rainbow (21) R.Fletcher (17) C.Walker (16)

8.24 C.Moody (8) W.MacLeod (15) R.Wright* (12)

8.32 R.Hill (18) R.Romer-Lee (18) R.Wilson (13)

8.40 C.Willis (15) D.Wiggin (18) S.Coltman (19)

8.48 P.Thompson (24) M.Jones (18) G.Wheeler (18)

10th TEE

8.00 R.Stoakley (13) G.Ball (8) C.Overmeadow* (4)

8.08 D.Kirby (20) C.Watters (12) R.Terblanche (7)

8.16 N.d’Cruze (12) R.Ley (10) P.Douglass (15)

8.24 T.Paxton (15) R.Huckin (14) R.Casemore (21)

8.32 R.Coury (17) S.Owens (22) M.Jefferson (16)

8.40 W.Bolton (18) J.B-Smith (16) R.Avis (24)

8.48 P.Ponsford (20) J.Rocchi (20) D.Russell (24)

* Indicates guest player.


Afternoon greensomes. Stableford competition off half combined handicap

Yellow Tees:

1st Tee

2.00 Prickett & Rainbow (14) v Ball & Overmeadow* (6)

2.08 Perkins & Steed (13) v Ward & Jefferson (14)

2.16 Carter & Avis (14) v Young & Thompson (14)

2.24 Terblanche & Owens (15) v Moody & Casemore (15)

2.32 B-Smith & Wiggin (17) v Walker & Coltman (18)

10th Tee

2.00 Ley & Wheeler (14) v Douglass & Fletcher (16)

2.08 Stoakley & Romer-Lee (16) v Willis & Ponsford (18)

2.16 MacLeod & Wright* (14) v Wilson & Rocchi (17)

2.24 Watters & Russell (18) v Paxton & Coury (16)

2.32 Huckin & Kirby (17) v d’Cruze & Jones (15)



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January 2017
18:00 - 21:00
87 Vauxhall Walk, London SE11 5HU

FAG's 2017 AGM 87 Vauxhall Walk, London SE11 5HU

Citywire's offices at 87 Vauxhall Walk, London SE11 5HU. Timing will be 6.00 for 6.30pm

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December 2016
12:30 - 23:15

FAG's 2016 Xmas drinks TBC

Date is Wednesday 21st December. Venue to be confirmed, but wherever it is the Captain will be looking forward to your company and of course the opportunity to buy you a glass or two of sparkling cheer! He will obviously be looking for something in return! I will confirm the venue as soon as possible but a 12.30ish start is anticipated.

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September 2016
10:12 - 10:12
The Berkshire

Autumn Meeting 2016 The Berkshire

Following a successful summer meeting at Ashridge in June we can now look forward to our final "main" meeting of the season at the Berkshire in a few weeks time.

The day will follow the usual format although this year the morning singles will be on the Blue course and the afternoon foursomes/greensomes will be on the Red. The Dewe Rogerson trophy, kindly sponsored by White Spider Media will be the main morning prize, with the Daily Telegraph Cup, currently sponsored by Matrix Solutions up for grabs in the afternoon. Also at stake are the three aggregate prizes currently supported by the Daily Mail, Schroders and Elevator Advertising.

Revised pairings are as follows;



Morning Singles. Stableford competition off full handicap. Yellow tees


8.00 J.Rainbow (20) R.Wilson (13)

8.08 H.Perkins (5) J.Steed (20)

8.16 B.Young (4) P.Thompson (24)

8.24 D.Cowan (10) W.MacLeod (18)

8.32 J.Cardew (22) R.Jones* (22)

8.40 T.Paxton (15) D.Wiggin (18)

8.48 R.Ley (10) R.Fletcher (17)

8.56 C.Willis (15) S.Coltman (19)

9.04 D.Ward (10) J.Broke-Smith (18)

9.12 S.Owens (22) R.Coury (22)

9.20 R.Wilson (22) J.Rocchi* (20)


8.00 D.Carter (4) C.Moody (7)

8.08 N. d’Cruze (12) P.Douglass (16)

8.16 R.Terblanche (7) A.Gent* (22)

8.24 W.Bolton (18) M.Jefferson (16)

8.32 C.Walker (18) N.White* (20)

8.40 D.Kirby (20) R.Casemore (21)

8.48 C.Rosier (7) B.Pritchett-Brown* (22)

8.56 M.McLeod (9) B.Thompson (24)



* - Guest

Afternoon Greensomes: Stableford Competition off half combined handicap.


1.30 Rainbow & Jones* (21) v Terblanche & Gent* (15)

1.37 Perkins (5) v Young & Bolton (11)

1.44 Cowan & Steed (15) v Walker & White* (20)

1.51 Douglass & Casemore (19) v d’Cruze & Thompson P(18)

1.58 Carter (4) v Kirby & MacLeod (19)

2.05 Rosier & P-Brown* (15) v Moody & B-Smith (13)

2.12 Wiggin & Comyn* (21) v Coltman & Willis (17)

2.19 McLeod & Cardew (16) v Ley & Owens (16)

2.26 Wilson & Fletcher (15) v Jefferson & Thompson B (20)

2.33 Wilson & Rocchi* (21) v Paxton & Coury (19)


Club house opens at 7.15am. Coffee is included and the snack bar is open for breakfast, bacon sandwiches etc.

Secretary’s office: 01344 621495/6; Steward: 01344 621495; Pro-shop: 01344 622351.

Jackets and ties will be required for lunch and in the bar in the evening.

2 ball rounds should take no more than 3hrs which should allow everyone plenty of time for lunch.

Tailored shorts are permitted with suitable golf socks. However in keeping with the traditions of the Berkshire, long socks are preferred

Mobile phones are forbidden on the Golf Course and in the Clubhouse and should only be used in your cars.

Players off the 7th tee should allow 10 minutes to get out there. Please share a car wherever possible.

Individual marked scorecards will be available in the lounge. Please use these rather than put both scores on one card which takes me much longer to check.

Those of you returning silverware or kindly bringing prizes please keep these items in your cars until the evening prize-giving.

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June 2016
10:37 - 10:37

Summer Meeting 2016 Ashridge

Captain’s Report (Dom Ward)

Financial Advertising Golfing Society

Summer Meet

Ashridge GC

28th of June

In James’s absence it falls to me to provide the captains report for the summer meeting. Firstly I would like to thank all that attended. It was a slightly smaller gathering than the spring meet but I think all who played will agree that Ashridge was worth the trip. For those that live in South London it was an early start but when we arrived we found a golf course in truly wonderful condition and a tough test. Straying off the fairway was not advisable at all and the greens while very true were also very fast. I believe this is the first time the society has played Ashridge but I certainly feel it is a welcome option on the rota and hope to play it again soon – even with the crack of dawn start!

The morning round was played in bright and warm weather. Teeing off on the tenth and thirteenth holes provided a good spread of members around the course. Considering the need to search for the ‘odd’ golf ball in the deep rough this was indeed handy! The winner of the Financial Times trophy was Richard Coury with 36 points. Richard apparently had a bad back but once again the old adage of the injured golfer rang true. Richard won on count back from Brad Young who took second place, presented by Twenty One Twelve Communications, with 36 points. I had the pleasure of playing with Brad in the morning and with four birdies and some very impressive putting he put together a very good round of golf. Robin Stoakleys guest, Rob Sandwith won the guest prize, presented by Citywire, once again on count back.

After a very fine lunch we ventured out again from the first. The storm clouds were gathering by this point and the rain arrived with a vengeance. The temperature dropped and it felt more like a late October day than late June. As a Scotsman it was very reminiscent of summer days growing up. I look forward to better weather arriving but I won’t hold my breath. Richard Ley and Chris Watters survived the weather the best with a very fine total of 39 points to take the Economist Salvers. Taking second place, presented by Incisive Media was George Ball and his guest Mike Beveridge with a commendable 36 points.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 21st of September at the Berkshire. With any luck we will have had some summer by that point!

All the best


AM Singles
1st - Ashridge Financial Times - Richard Coury - 36 points
2nd - Ashridge 2112 - Brad Young - 36 points

PM Greensomes
1st - Ashridge Economist - Chris Watters - 39 points
1st - Ashridge Economist - Richard Ley - 39 points
2nd - Ashridge Incisive Media - George Ball - 36 points

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April 2016
08:51 - 08:51
Swinley Forest

FAG's 2016 AGM Swinley Forest


Minutes of the 55th Annual General Meeting held at Swinley Forest GC on Thursday 7th April 2016 at 6.15pm.
Present: H.Perkins; D.Hanger; D.Cowan; P.Ponsford; A.Benson; J.Rainbow; B.Young; J.Steed; D.Ward; P.Thompson; J.Clapp; M.Jefferson; M.Jones; C.Walker; W.Bolton; J.Cardew; Rory Wilson; R.Huckin; T.Paxton; R.Casemore; S.Coltman; R.Stoakley; R.Fletcher; B.Bonney-James; I.Prickett; D.Carter; R.Ley; M.McLeod; D.Kirby and G.Wheeler.
Apologies for absence: I.Beaumont; W.MacLeod; M.Lomax; P.Hawkins; P.Beckett; R.Hill; S.Curtis; D.Wiggin; D.Good; C.Willis; A.Noel-Baker; R.Huglin; J.Broke-Smith; B.Lamont; D.McClean; R.Avis; R.Terblanche; N.d’Cruze; R.Coury and P.Douglass.
1. 2015 Minutes: Approval of the minutes was proposed by David Hanger and seconded by Patrick Ponsford and carried nem com.
2. Matters arising: There were no matters arising from the 2015 minutes.
3. Treasurer’s Report: AB outlined a strong financial position for the society with a positive bank balance in excess of £3000 as at 31/12/15. Copies of the accounts were not available at the AGM but the Treasurer agreed to furnish the Hon Sec with the details so these could be circulated to the membership along with the minutes of the 2016 meeting.
4. Captain’s report: James reflected on a successful season in 2015 and a cracking start to 2016 with the Spring meeting at Swinley. There was much enthusiasm from the meeting for the very friendly and efficient way in which all the staff at Swinley had looked after us throughout the day. The 8.00am start meant that the half-way hut was reached by 10 with beers and Bovril and sherry chasers (or was it the other way around?) being enthusiastically consumed. (A full report including scores and prizewinners will follow). James announced Dominic Ward as his vice-Captain, seconded by Brad Young and unanimously supported by the membership. At last year’s autumn meeting James announced that there was a plan to introduce an end of season play-off for the Society’s top four golfers. This was kindly hosted by James at his club Kingsdown last month with Brad Young emerging victorious with a score of 36 points.
5. Election of Officers: Other than the election of the vice-Captain there were no other changes to the make-up of the committee apart from Patrick Ponsford who steps down having completed his year as immediate passed Captain.
6. Courses for 2017: With two new courses on the roster this year the general mood was for a period of consolidation although on a show of hands there was a small majority of members present favouring a move from the Berkshire back to Hankley Common should a suitable autumn date become available.
7. Overseas tour: The President felt the time was right to have another look at an overseas trip in 2017. On a show of hands approximately 15 members said they might well be interested. The President will form a small sub-committee to investigate further.
8. Prizes: Brad Young kindly agreed to take-over the prize organisation from David Hanger and asked current sponsors of the various Society prizes to confirm they were happy to continue in their roles.
9. Annual fixture versus NAG’s: The Captain confirmed that the fixture would go ahead again this year at Swinley Forest and would be confirming the date and numbers in the near future.

10. AOB : Although the Society has awarded Honorary Life Memberships to long serving members in the past they have generally come too late to be of much benefit to the recipient. It was therefore proposed that members with a minimum of thirty continuous year’s membership of the Society should be offered Honorary Life membership on reaching the age of 70.

The President closed the meeting at 6.37pm with thanks made once again to Swinley for kindly hosting both the Spring meeting and the AGM.

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April 2016
00:00 - 00:00
Swinley Forest

2016 Spring Meeting Swinley Forest

Despite some inclement and occasionally horrendous weather, it was great to see so many members turn out and enjoy the course and the hospitality. Talking to many of you both on the day and since, I certainly hope that we are going back to Swinley as a Society for many years to come.

In terms of the competition, there were some excellent scores in the morning individual competition. The main prize, The St.James' Trophy, presented by Ptarmigan Media, was won by Chris Walker, with an excellent 38 points. In second place, presented by TwentyOneTwelve Communications, with 36 points after count back was Will Bolton.

We had an excellent number of guests at the meeting, many of whom have since become members of the Society. From these, the guest prize, presented by Time Inc was won by Alex Unitt with 35 points.

In the afternoon foursomes, The Tom Marsh Memorial Trophy, presented by Love Europe, was won by Rob Huckin and Alex Unitt with an excellent 40 points. The 2nd prize, presented by Moneyweek, was won by Marcus Jefferson and Richard Casemore with 37 points.

I hope that you are all looking forward to putting the wets away and getting some golf in during the next few weeks before we resume battle at Ashridge on 28th June.

AM Individual stapleford
1st - Swinley Forest Ptarmigan Media - Chris Walker - 38 points

PM Foursomes
1st - Swinley Forest Love Europe - Alex Unitt - 40 points
1st - Swinley Forest Love Europe - Rob Huckin - 40 points

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March 2016
08:40 - 08:40
Kingsdown GC

2015 FAGS playoff Kingsdown GC

Many of you will recall that we introduced an end of season match, with the 4 best aggregate golfers from 2015 playing off to determine our champion golfer for the year. Having had such a wet winter, it was with some trepidation that we headed to Kingsdown GC, just outside Bath, on 24th March but I am happy to report that Brad Young emerged victorious from messrs Casemore, Terblanche and Ponsford with a highly creditable 36 points.

1st - Kingsdown GC Schroders - Brad Young - 36 points

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December 2015
13:00 - 19:00
The Ship Tavern, 2 mins from Holborn Tube

Christmas Drinks The Ship Tavern, 2 mins from Holborn Tube

Please note the recent email with details of the Christmas drinks venue on the 21st;


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September 2015
06:00 - 06:00
The Berkshire Golf Club

Autumn Meeting The Berkshire Golf Club

September seems to have become increasingly busy for all of us and taking the time to get on to the golf course more difficult as a result. A slightly smaller group than we are accustomed to tackled the challenge of the Berkshire and had a cracking day. The rain abated, the sun shone and the courses (and restaurant) were at their usual standard.

The morning stableford competition, playing for the Dewe Rogerson trophy and kindly sponsored by White Spider Media, was won by Richard Wilson on 37 points. Richard narrowly took top honours, after count back, from Patrick Ponsford who duly took the 2nd prize, sponsored by 2112 Communications. Our guest prize, sponsored by Doremus, was won by Steve Owens on 29 points.

Turning to the afternoon and with a decent lunch (and a not inconsiderable amount of Chateau Beaumont) on board, 1st prize, presented by Matrix Solutions, was won by Ian Beaumont and our afternoon specialist, Richard Coury with 32 points. Narrowly taking 2nd place and the prize sponsored by Financial Clarity, were Robin Stoakley and Jon Seal with 32 points (after count back). Somewhat unusually, Dan Kirby, playing his own ball actually top scored in the afternoon with 34 points and was presented with a FAGS Special Prize.

Having concluded our 3 main meetings of the year, we were able to present the 2015 aggregate prizes, for the best 2 rounds from the 3 meetings. In first place, sponsored by the Daily Mail, was Richard Terblanche on 67 points. In second, sponsored by Schroders, was Patrick Ponsford on 66 points. Having to settle for 3rd place, sponsored by Elevator Advertising, after count back, was Brad Young, also on 66 points.

Now, that would normally conclude the Society’s business for the year but not for 2015! There is the Winter Tour coming in November, for which there is already a strong showing and the small matter of our champion golfer to settle. This new format, sponsored by Schroders, is a play off of our top 4 aggregate scores to establish the Society’s champion golfer. Our 3 aggregate prize winners will be joined by Richard Casemore, at a date and venue to be confirmed.

With some exciting courses in the pipeline for 2016, I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support for our Society this year and to wish you an excellent remainder of the year.

AM Stapleford
1st - Berkshire Red White Spider Media - Richard Wilson - 37 points

PM Foursomes
1st - Berkshire Blue Matrix Solutions - Richard Coury - 32 points
1st - Berkshire Blue Matrix Solutions - Ian Beaumont - 32 points

Spring & Summer Aggr - Daily Mail - Richard Terblanche - 67 points

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July 2015
06:00 - 06:00
New Zealand Golf Club

Summer Meeting New Zealand Golf Club

This year we move from Woking to the New Zealand for our summer meeting.




Morning Singles: Individual stableford competition off full handicap.

Yellow tees.

* Denotes guest

1st Tee

8.30 P.Beckett (22) P.Wagstaff* (15)

8.37 H.Perkins 5) B.Young (4) J.Steed (23)

8.44 A.Benson (19) R.Terblanche (7) J.Rainbow (20)

8.51 W.Bolton (18) P.Thompson (22) M.Jefferson (16)

8.58 M.Jones (20) D.Hawes* (7) R.Wilson (22)

9.05 R.Huckin (16) R.Casemore (21) R.Avis (24)

6th Tee

8.30 D.Carter (4) R.Ley (10) P.Douglass (16)

8.37 D.Ward (9) N.Mesquita* (10) D.McClean (16)

8.44 W.MacLeod (18) J.Cardew (22) R.Coury (22)

8.51 C.Willis (19) S.Coltman (19) N.d’Cruze (12)

8.58 C.Nardi (22) A.Nath* (22) G.Wheeler (18)



Afternoon Foursomes: Stableford competition off half combined handicap.

Yellow tees.

*Denotes guest.


2.30 Rainbow/Willis (20) v Young/Thompson (13)

2.36 MacLeod/Steed (21) v Beckett (22)

2.42 Douglass/Coury (19) v Ward/Cardew (16)

2.48 Benson/Wheeler (19) v Ley/Casemore (16)

2.54 Hanger/Mesquita* (17) v Jefferson/Clapp (18)

3.00 McClean (16) v Jones/Hawes*(14)

3.06 Carter/Bolton (11) v d’Cruze/Wilson (17)

3.12 Huckin/Avis (20) v Nardi/Nath* (22)





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April 2015
06:00 - 06:00
Hankley Common Golf Club

Spring Meeting Hankley Common Golf Club

Captain’s Report

Financial Advertising Golfing Society

Spring Meeting

Hankley Common GC

22nd April 2015

With Easter firmly dispatched, the first meeting of the new year was held in glorious conditions at Hankley Common. It seems that some members have come to the new season with their golf in fine condition and for some, perhaps April was a little too early, however it was widely agreed that the Common looked magnificent for our Spring meeting and the course and hospitality were to their usual high standards.

I should also pay homage to the members who turned out on the 14th April for the annual fixture against NAGS. Having become somewhat accustomed to a good hiding in recent years, it was good to see the FAGS team trounce NAGS so comprehensively that the team was able to take full advantage of the excellent lunch on offer at Swinley without too much reference to the afternoon’s proceedings.

To the results and the sharp end of the competition, the individual prizes. Although we only award prizes for the best 2 scores, we did have 3 players on 37 points, with Dom Ward, in true Japanese style, losing to George Ball, albeit after count back. However, George was left with the prize for 2nd, presented by Twenty One Twelve Communications as our Hon. Sec. Jon Steed won the St. James’ Trophy, presented by Ptarmigan Media.

Our guest prize, presented by Fin International PR, went to Richard Romer-Lee, who couldn’t quite save his playing partner from an appalling, if highly amusing, round in the afternoon….

And to the afternoon’s Foursomes competition. We ended up with the unusual position of 2 players, each playing their own ball, in 2nd place. So, it was left to Richard Coury and Brad Young to share the spoils, which were presented by Moneyweek. Finally, the Tom Marsh Memorial Trophy, presented by Love Europe went to Paul Douglass and Ceri Williams with an excellent score of 38 points.

Our next meeting, which is on 8th July at the New Zealand club, represents something of a break with tradition, having taken the decision to move down the road from Woking GC for our summer meeting. I am sure that we will be made very welcome at New Zealand and I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

All the best James

AM Singles
1st - Hankley Common Ptarmigan Media - Jonathan Steed - 37 points
1st - Hankley Common Ptarmigan Media - Jonathan Steed - 37 points
1st - Hankley Common Ptarmigan Media - Jonathan Steed - 37 points
1st - Hankley Common Ptarmigan Media - Jonathan Steed - 37 points

PM Foursomes
1st - Hankley Common Love Europe - Paul Douglass - 38 points
1st - Hankley Common Love Europe - Paul Douglass - 38 points
1st - Hankley Common Love Europe - Paul Douglass - 38 points
1st - Hankley Common Love Europe - Paul Douglass - 38 points

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January 2015
18:00 - 19:35
Schroders HQ

AGM Schroders HQ

The 2015 FAG's AGM will take place at Schroders HQ, 31 Gresham Street on the evening of 28th January.

More details will follow.

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November 2014
09:30 - 15:30
Royal Cinque Ports & Littlestone Golf Club

Winter Meeting 2014 Royal Cinque Ports & Littlestone Golf Club

Most of you will know that a smallish group of members headed down to the Kent coast some two and a half weeks ago. In the absence of both the Captain and Vice here is a very brief summary of the two day event. Fourteen of us met up at Royal Cinque Ports on November 27th and enjoyed some fine albeit slow golf with Steve Coltman emerging victorious with 37 points. In second place, putting his local knowledge to good use was Mike Lomax on 32 points. Mike and Maggie then very generously invited us to 5 Brewer Street for several pre-dinner drinks. We then returned to Dunkerleys for a fine meal enjoyed by all except John Clapp who had arrived in Deal a little under the weather. His room mate Nigel d'Cruze earned much praise for his Florence Nightingale behaviour!!

On Friday morning we de-camped to Littlestone GC at New Romney and were joined by five further members, including Brad Young who with 32 points had a narrow one shot victory over Richard Huglin. Despite being unable to repeat his RCPGC round from Thursday, Steve Coltman took the two day aggregate with 61 points, two ahead of Richard Huglin and three ahead of Chris Willis and yours truly. We were fortunate with the weather which is always a help but it really was a fun trip and certainly one that everyone who attended, with the possible exception of JC, would recommend. It is certainly something we will repeat next year, date and venue to be confirmed.

1st - links aggregate sweep stake - Steve Coltman - 61 points

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September 2014
09:30 - 15:30
The Berkshire Golf Club

Autumn Meeting 2014 The Berkshire Golf Club

Many thanks to those members and guests who came along to The Berksire. Although numbers were somewhat down on recent meetings it was generally agreed by those in attendance that the quality was beyond reproach. And well done Jon for the last minute re jig of pairings due to the usual cryer offers.
The first rainy session of the FAGs calendar in the morning couldn’t dampen our enthusiasm and the Berkshire was, as ever, in tip top condition.
The shortened field and early start meant the first groups were coming in for lunch as early as 11.15. What could possibly go wrong?
Congratulations to Gary Wheeler, coming in with 37 points, and carrying away the Dewe Rogerson Trophy sponsored by White Spider Media. Congratulations also to 2nd placed John Broke-Smith with 34 points.
The guest prize was won by Rob Hucklin with a field beating 38 points and presented by Doremus.
As is traditional aggregates were also presented and won as follows.
1st sponsored by Daily Mail with 75 points Richard Coury
2nd sponsored by Schroders with with 73 points Nigel D’Cruze
3rd sponsored by The Gate Worldwide with 70 points Marcus Jefferson
Following the usual excellent lunch the pairings tee’d off with varying degrees of claret fuelled accuracy.
Clearly not drinking enough were Brad Young and Barclay Lamont, claiming victory with 35
Points and walking away with The Daily Telegraph trophy sponsored by Financial Clarity.

Pipped by just 1 point were Mike Jones and Darren Howes, winning the Matrix
Solutions sponsored 2nd prize.

So just the Winter tour to go and we look forward to seeing many of you on the Kent coast at the
end of November.

As ever huge thanks to Jon Steed and Alan Benson for their tireless efforts.

AM Singles
1st - Berkshire White Spider - Gary Wheeler - 37 points
2nd - Berkshire - John Broke-Smith - 34 points

PM Foursomes
1st - Berkshire Financial Clarity - Brad Young - 35 points

2nd - Berkshire Matrix - Mike Jones - 34 points

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July 2014
09:45 - 18:00
Woking Golf Club

Summer Meeting 2014 Woking Golf Club

It seems remarkable that we are already reporting on the 2nd meeting of our Society in 2014 but 31 members and guests duly presented themselves at Woking on 7th July for what is always an excellent day of golf.

As ever, the course was in superb condition although perhaps the spring rain had made it rather more forgiving than in the past. An average members’ score of 32 points in the afternoon means either the course was kind or the traditional FAGS lunch was not enjoyed to its usual level.

To the results and in a break with tradition, with the Foursomes being played in the morning, the winners, presented by The Economist, were George Ball and Gary Wheeler with 34 points. They narrowly edged out Rob Avis and his guest Rob Hucklin on 33 points, for the prize presented by Incisive Media.

Heading into a claret fuelled afternoon round, it was Hon. Sec. Juan Steed who collected 1st prize, presented by the Financial Times, with a Mexican 41 points. Second place, presented by Twentyonetwelve Communications went to Terry Paxton, after count back, on 39 points.

Our guest prize, presented by Citywire, went to Rob Hucklin, who followed up his excellent round in the morning with an individual score of 39 points. Quite why Rob Avis thought to bring him as a guest I don’t understand!

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April 2014
09:29 - 15:30
Swinley Forest Golf Club

Match v NAGS Swinley Forest Golf Club

On a positive note it was a glorious day, Swinley looked and played wonderfully, lunch lived up to expectations and Martin and the NAGS team were gracious hosts as ever.

As a society we pulled out all the stops and fielded a very strong team, with most of our single handicappers in attendance, backed up with a generally solid squad. We were confident at the outset, strolling out to the first tee like the opening scene from Gladiator.

Unfortunately we had fatally underestimated the strength of the NAGS squad which even boasted a UK under 16 national squad player. Not too sure what role he plays in newspaper advertising. I suppose he might have a paper round.

Anyway the result, I’m sad to say, wasn’t even close, the same scene from Gladiator, but this time they were the Romans. “We were beaten worse than a ginger stepchild” one member was heard to utter.

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March 2014
18:00 - 19:00

AGM Schroders

Minutes available from Jon Steed.

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November 2013
09:40 - 15:30
Royal Cinque Ports & Littlestone Golf Club

Winter Meeting 2013 Royal Cinque Ports & Littlestone Golf Club

An excellent tour with a good time had by all.

1st - RCPGC - Mike Jones - 37 points
1st - Princes - William MacLeod - 38 points
2nd - RCPGC - Hugh Perkins - 36 points
2nd - Princes - David Carter - 36 points
3rd - RCPGC - David Cowan - 35 points
3rd - Princes - Terry Paxton - 35 points

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September 2013
09:31 - 15:30
The Berkshire Golf Club

Autumn Meeting 2013 The Berkshire Golf Club

Our “official” season has ended as it began, in glorious sunshine and near perfect golfing conditions. The Berkshire as ever did us proud and provided a suitable challenge to the society. Starting off nice and early in the mist and murk the opening teams found the greens to be anything but pacey but speeding up at the just the same rate as I was getting the feel for them, which in effect meant I actually only got the feel of them after lunch, and well we all know what happens after lunch.

Timings were ideal giving all players time for a very civilised lunch and well done to The Berkshire for laying in a plentiful supply of Claret in Magnums. Saved a lot of time and wasted effort looking for refills.

The morning competition turned out to be anything but with relative new FAG Robin Stoakley burning up the course with 43 points and and walking away with the Dewe Rogerson Trophy, presented by White Spider Media. 2nd place was Richard Ley with 39 points, pipping Mike Jones on count back. Many thanks to 2nd and 3rd place prize sponsors 2112 Communications and The Economist.

Following a really excellent lunch the scoring was extremely tight and the highest score of the afternoon was actually that of Steve Coltman with 39 points who was playing with him……by himself. It was decided though that the prize should be awarded to a pair as it is a pairs prize.

Congratulations Steve but The Daily Telegraph Prize, presented by Money Marketing, went to Richard Terblanche and Charles Morley with 38 points.
2nd place was secured by Dan Kirby and Rory Wilson with 37 points who walked away with the Matrix Solutions prize.
3rd place and the Doremus prize was won by Nigel d’Cruze and Richard Coury with 36 points.

Many thanks again to all who have supported the society this year and particularly to Jon and Alan for their tireless efforts.

AM Singles Stableford
1st - None Dewe Rogerson Trophy (presented by White Spider Media) - Robin Stoakley - 43 points
2nd - None Twenty One Twelve Comms - Richard Ley - 39 points
3rd - None The Economist - Mike Jones - 39 points
Guest - None Ptarmigan Media - Gary Wheeler - 32 points

PM Foursomes Stableford
1st - None The Daily Telegraph Cup - Charles Morely - 38 points
1st - None The Daily Telegraph Cup - Richard Terblanche - 38 points
2nd - None Matrix Solutions - Rory Wilson - 37 points
2nd - None Matrix Solutions - Dan Kirby - 37 points
3rd - None Doremus - Richard Coury - 36 points
3rd - None Doremus - Nigel D'Cruze - 36 points
Special Award - None Ptarmigan Media - Steve Coltman - 39 points

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July 2013
09:00 - 15:30
Woking Golf Club

Summer Meeting 2013 Woking Golf Club

My fellow Fags. One word to describe our day at Woking “SCORCHIO”.

We have certainly been blessed so far in 2013 with near perfect conditions at Hankley and now Woking.

Playing with 2 Woking members in the morning it was generally aknowledged that the course was in near pefect condition and as ever the club made us extremely welcome and laid on an excellent lunch. Unfortunately your Captain slightly over clubbed on the Claret, as affirmed by a “brace of shermans” on the first in the afternoon.

The sporting Summer just gets better and better with the Lions victorious, the first Scot (sorry Brit) to win Wimbledon in 75 years and an amazing first ashes test. As I write this I can’t decide whether my afternoon would be more productively spent watching golf or cricket (It’s Thurs by the way so probably best to do neither)

Sporting greatness was also demonstrated by a full compliment of FAGS at Woking and special mentions to all our prizewinners

Congratulations to the winner Marcus “McIlroy” Jefferson taking the Economist prize with 36 points.
Second was Richard “Tiger” Wilson with 35 points winning the LoveEurope prize on count back.
Third and picking up the Incisive Media prize were Dave “Couples” Carter and Alan “Couples” Benson.

On to the afternoon singles where we are required to hit twice as many shots than usual after lunch on a very warm day (get your excuses in early)

Not for the first time the singles was won by Brad “Mickelson” Young with a highly commendable 39 points, carrying off the FT prize.
James “Snedeker” Hanbury has obviously been practising and his 36 points secured the Twentyonetwelve sponsored second prize.
Dominic “Rose” Ward nicked third on countback to win the CNBC third prize with 34 points.

We always love to welcome guests to FAGS and congratulations to Martyn “Kaymer” Whitman on his 32 points, securing the Citywire prize.

Finally the Spring and Summer aggregate was won by the ever consistant Richard “Els” Terblanche with 68 points picking up the Schroders prize.

A special mention to El Presidente for his fortitude in the face of injury. Playing whilst only being able to put weight on one leg. He still put together a very soild performance with a follow through that looked anything but comfortable or graceful and thank you to his playing partners for not drawing attention to what was obviously a very painful manouvre.

AM 18 hole Foursomes Stableford
1st - None The Economist Salvers - Marcus Jefferson - 36 points
2nd - None Loveurope - Richard Wilson - 35 points
3rd - None Incisive Media - Alan Benson - 35 points
3rd - None Incisive Media - David Carter - 35 points

PM Singles Stableford
1st - None Financial Times - Brad Young - 39 points
2nd - None Twenty One Twelve Comms - James Hanbury - 36 points
3rd - None CNBC Europe - Dominic Ward - 34 points
Spring & Summer Aggr - None The Guardian Bowl (presented by Schroders) - Richard Terblanche - 68 points

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April 2013
09:45 - 18:00
Hankley Common GC

Spring Meeting 2013 Hankley Common GC

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AM Singles Stableford
1st - None St. James's Trophy - Will Bolton - 37 points
2nd - None Twenty One Twelve Comms - Richard Terblanche - 35 points
3rd - None TMS 12 - Steve Coltman - 34 points

PM Foursomes Stableford
1st - None Ptarmigan Media (Tom Marsh memorial trophy) - Jonathan Steed - 38 points
1st - None Ptarmigan Media (Tom Marsh memorial trophy) - Iain Prickett - 38 points
2nd - None Money Marketing - Will Bolton - 37 points
3rd - None Money Week - James Rainbow - 36 points
3rd - None Money Week - Daniel McClean - 36 points

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